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Ecocity.com is now making available free blogging accounts. Reserve your 'Ecocity Settlements' April 2008 Planning, energy conservation, lifestyle choices, source materialsm art and landscape.

We've been working hard to open up the new site and develop some great new educational ecocity content, and have found that (1) Wordpress rocks for building an knowledgebase, and organizing sustainability subject matter. Wordpress uses tags, tagclouds, blog post categories, lots of plugins to customize what you can do as a blogger, themes

Ecocity Settlements Canadians, plastic baby food bottle containers and mountai n equipment suppliers have all been making some changes in the way they think of the plastic polymer resin glue chemical called Bisphenol A. Considering plastics that have interesting numbers on them. (#7 in particular), Green guide's article on it Reusing materials for art and industry. Beer brewing, art, planting seedings, starting seasonal herbs, doing a temperature regulated greenhouse, making music with Rebirth Museum , and Audacity audio editor a

note to ecomail users.. We will be make singing up more easy if you are not a spammer and willing to workshop on sustainability.


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E.African Tours: Ethiopiazi*n tours ethiopia. Meet an informative friend and travel safely while learning en route - bus, charter, on foot. Historical tours with youthful inforned and dynamic direction. Ride the bus with Girma and hire his hotel, and fare, or charter a vehicle if you need to islate yourself from regular people out of fear and guilt like most cloistered travellers visiting Africa. Really make some peace by slowing down and getting to know more about some of the places you visit. Take you time. My friend Girma can help with that. He was born in Sheshemane, a place of renewal and faith based in ideals of Rastafari.
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